Im done.

Hello, Im Jeb the owner who ran a youtube channel/, Ive recently silently left this community as life went on. There is nothing to do anymore as this com has chnaged a lot like popular youtubers leaveing this com, synapse x joining roblox. There was many good people who I met through out the years in this community and thank you all who made it good. Keep in mind there will be people lookin on your downfall. To kiwixcoke, your a tyrant, your not a fair "mod" after getting mad at me for speaking out about a experince I had with you, so furkey and 1f0 speak out and not get a punishment? Its okay ik your a tyrant. I was not involved with your Cws. Sad how you only said sorry to me whne you got caught. You have ruined many other youtubers over you getting a quick buck lol. - Jebxnt